The smart supply chain: A conceptual cyclic framework

Nuria Perales Prieto, María Luz Martín-Peña


Purpose: The objective of this work is to analyze the state of the art of the smart supply chain (SSC) research. Given the pace of current technological change, there is a need to analyze the new features of the SSC, related to digital technologies and the incorporation of services.

Design/methodology/approach: A systematic review of the literature is addressed, analyzing the latest studies on the subject. This methodology allows proposing a conceptualization of the SSC and incorporate new elements of analysis.

Findings: The results show that much of the innovation and instrumentalization of supply chains involves incorporating digital services to expand their functionalities, especially in terms of agility and connectivity. The servitization of supply chains is therefore a key new feature.  Put in relation to other characteristics identified in the literature, a cycle of continuous improvement is proposed as a conceptual structure for the SSC.

Originality/value: This study contributes to strengthening the theoretical foundations of SSCs and serves as a guide for researchers and practitioners.


Smart supply chain, systematic review, Industry 4.0, digital technology, servitization

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