Analyzing the effects of applying IoT to a metal-mechanical company

Eduardo Cañizares, Faustino Alarcón Valero


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to show the improvements obtained through the application of IoT in a company of the metal-mechanical sector.

Design/methodology/approach: The methodology used has been the collection of data before and after the application of the IoT in the process to manufacture tool-machines.

Findings: Improvements obtained in some aspects of the process are very high (above 30%), making it a process that is more efficient allowing reduce costs.

Research limitations/implications: Some aspects or details are difficult to quantify because there are no measurable parameters.

Practical implications: Technological advances and new technologies applied to the industry, allows significant improvements in production.

Social implications: Improvements obtained in the process can improve the conditions of workers.

Originality/value: Originality of the paper is very high, because there are no publications of study or practical cases in the sector, due to the confidentiality and competitiveness of the sector.


Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, manufacturing, improvement, process, die, tool-ing, stamp, RFID, wi-fi.

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