Company maturity models: Application to supplier development program in oil&gas sector

Jabier Retegi Albisua, Juan Ignacio Igartua López


Purpose: In order to achieve excellence, outsourced maintenance contractors in Oil&Gas sector play a key role due to the important impact of their task on security, availability and energy consumption. This paper presents the process followed in order to implement a Supplier Development Program in a refinery using Company Maturity Model (CoMM) and the results obtained in three cases validating the method to obtain a strategic improvement project medium term grid.

Design/methodology/approach: The methodology followed consists of constructing a CoMM capturing the knowledge existing in the refinery and applying it with three supplier improvement teams. Findings and conclusions have arised through an observation of the three processes and extracting common conclusions.

Findings: The resulting CoMM has been used for self-assessment by three suppliers and has demonstrated its potential to define a medium-term improvement project road map validated by the customer. Furthermore, during the design and application processes, the contribution of CoMMs to the SECI process of knowledge management has been observed.

Practical implications: The use of CoMMs in a service contractor context can be applied in other sectors. It contributes to alignment of targets between the supplier and customer companies and to knowledge sharing inside both firms.

Originality/value: Maturity models in many transversal fields (CMMI, EFQM, BPMM, PEMM, etc.) have been thoroughly studied in the literature. Less effort has been made analysing the case of using maturity models constructed and implemented by a company for its specific purposes. In this paper, the process followed by a company to establish a Supplier Development Process using CoMMs is described.


maturity, knowledge, oil, supplier, refinery, KM

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